McAlpine Miller

Spot Me Now, Stuart McAlpine Miller

We are proud to present Stuart McAlpine Miller’s beautifully executed debut exhibition of never-before-seen original art at Castle Fine Art, Bruton Street in London.

Altered Images

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Stuart McAlpine Miller combines all the skill and industrial precision of a commercial graphic illustrator with the painterly prowess of an Old Master and the colour palette of a comic book inker.

Altered Images is a distinctive and striking collection, featuring stylish, cool ‘supermodel-esque’ women, superimposed over brightly coloured cartoons, in an illusionary world of comic book characters.

What The Critics Say

“McAlpine Miller is one of the best artists of our time, painting about our time, in the best way I’ve seen. This is how he is changing the course of Art History - much in the same way that Da Vinci, Monet and Picasso did. The art of tomorrow starts here...” Estelle Lovatt, Art Critic

Find out what McAlpine Miller had to say about his work when we interviewed him ahead of the exhibition.

Enjoy the Collection

We hope you can visit Castle Fine Art, Bruton Street to view this exquisite collection of original works. The exhibition opens on Friday 27 September and will continue until Sunday 20 October.

Altered Images, the signed limited edition collection, is currently available to view at Castle Galleries nationwide. Click here to find your nearest gallery.

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