Modern Relic Female Torso 2152 AD Marble – 2018

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£12,950.00 Framed

Dan Lane aka Mechanica

  • Wall Sculpture
  • Image Size: 17.70in x 31.50in
  • Original

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Original wall sculpture supplied framed by popular artist Dan Lane.

Inspired by the work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Michelangelo and Antonia Canova, this sculpture reimagines a classic style in a thoroughly modern setting.

Using the exciting new medium of marble, Dan intertwined the exploration of how we treat our bodies with a desire to create pieces which look like they could be hundreds of years old.

He adds: “Over the last year, I have developed a technique of casting marble that gives it the right feel while also retaining the natural cracks and imperfections that are impossible to reproduce by painting. This alludes to my concept of these sculptures as a modern relic.”