Describing himself one of the most 'happily unknown' artists in the world, Alex Echo has been creating art for four decades. Completely self-taught, he sees himself as the ultimate outsider.

History and Background

Alex's collectors hail from all over the world, including China, Singapore, India, the UK and America.

A keen philanthropist, he created the iconic 'Imagine Love' watch, which at 153,000 units sold is one of SWATCH's most successful artist watches. All of the royalties from this project were donated to paediatric AIDS causes in New York State. Between 2013 and 2014, Alex painted a bespoke guitar for Eric Clapton, which was played by Eric and then sold at auction, where it raised £20,000 for the songwriter's rehab facility. 

"I've had a weird and wonderful life," Alex adds. "And still every day I get up and conjure and dream of art...I am a very lucky man."

Ideas and Inspirations

Combining his deep knowledge of art history with references to pop culture and iconography, Alex's creations are both inventive and informative.

His new collection, Imagine, is inspired by the imagery of John Lennon's classic song, and his unshakeable belief that we can all help one another to make the world a better place. 

Alex explains: "Now, more than ever - with our world in the throes of social, political, moral and ethical upheaval - I believe we need to imagine. Imagine a safer, kinder, greener, happier and more tolerant world.

"All I do, and all I intend to do, is paint beautiful, kind and inventive artworks. I want to make whatever contribution I can to make the world even a slightly better place."