Celebrating the surreal and the sublime, Alexandra’s work hovers between the realms of memory, dreams and experience. Conjured in the digital sphere, her fairy tale paintings are a curious mixture of nature and modern technology.

Ideas and Inspirations

Shunning a traditional sketchbook in favour of Photoshop, Alexandra sketches out ideas – and sometimes even the final piece – on a computer. Her botanical artworks are brought to life using oil paint and are completely organic, with the Blackburn-based artist never knowing how each piece will transform.

Viewers may recognise a homage to the Old Masters in the low-brow surrealist pieces, illustrating Alexandra’s eclectic style. Her work fuses themes of street art, collages and photography to express motifs of female empowerment.

Alexandra says: “Each piece explores femininity and sexuality and their confinement in modern-day society. Drawing upon symbolism from different cultures, I form something beautiful from an idea rooted in a darker place.”