A strong believer in painting from the heart, David Rees draws inspiration from artists around him to create his striking figurative pieces.

History and Background

As a child, David loved to draw but always shied away from painting. Indeed, it wasn't until the end of his school years that he began to experiment with oil paints. During this time, his A-level artworks attracted the attention of school parents who wished to buy them. He went on to study History of Art at university, but stopped creating his own pieces. 

After moving to London, David realised he had lost something very important to him. He began painting again, and saw his work had the potential to become something more than a hobby. Following a fortuitous meeting with an up-and-coming artist, he made the decision to quit his job and concentrate on producing his first real body of work. 

Ideas and Inspirations

Whilst David appreciates many different types of art, painting is where his heart lies. Fascinated by the way art is constructed, he likes to watch artists at work and examine each individual brush stroke in order to understand their technique. 

He explains: "There is something very freeing about enjoying a painting just for the technique that has gone into it. I feel it gives the viewer a real ownership of the work, which for me is important."

Particularly inspired by the Italian Renaissance and the work of artists around him, he can often be found browsing artists in social media. He adds: "It can be like falling down the rabbit hole, as each artist leads you to another."

From Palette to Picture

David does not start a painting with a clear structure of what he wants to achieve. Rather, he seeks to be completely organic; finding that the more conservative he is, the worse the final product is.

Pushing what he is prepared to do not only progresses his work, but gives him free rein to be brave with how he paints. He believes it is important to not be afraid to make mistakes. 

Painting sporadically, he enjoys periods of progress before spending hours looking at his creation to understand where it needs to go and what he needs to do next.