D13EGO is an Italian-born painter based in London. His comic book inspired paintings combine pop art and street art aesthetics while commenting on the commercialism and consumerism of Western culture.

History and Background

Born in Milan in 1974, D13ego started his artistic career at the age of 12 as a portrait artist. Later in his teens, he worked for a local magazine as a comic book illustrator. The creative bloom of graffiti culture in the early 90's got him interested in a new medium: spray paint. After completing a degree in economics and maths at the University of Milan, he joined a leading investment bank in London and worked as a financial trader for 15 years before coming back to art.

In 2013, he made the decision to fully devote himself to art and became a professional artist. He currently lives and works in Islington.

Ideas and Inspirations

Quoting the pop art father Roy Lichtenstein amongst his major inspirations, D13ego describes his art as Urban Pop. His “Badass Girl Collection” was born from the love of retro comics, street art techniques, elements of pop art and a good dose of irony. First created as a series of graffiti on the streets of London, it eventually found its way to canvas and galleries in 2017.

From Palette to Picture

To create his bold pieces, D13ego uses multiple layers of hand-cut stencils and spray paint on canvas or wood panels.  He often includes financial symbols comics and classic references.

He adds:  “My technique consists of painstakingly hand-cutting layers upon layers of stencils (sometimes up to 30) which I then spray paint on canvas or wood panels. The final effect spans from super-realistic to pure street, from portrait to collage-like optical illusions.”