Known for his thought-provoking oil paintings, Jeff Rowland uses his own life experiences to channel emotion into his work.

History and Background

After studying art at North Tyneside College, Jeff became a self-employed professional artist. He used this time to experiment with various mediums, including glass engraving, printing and painting. 

Following an exhibition at a Northumberland gallery, he took his artwork to London, where it sold out in just one day. From there, he established himself as the talented oil painter he is known as today. 

He explains: "I just could not keep away from art. I wanted one more try at being successful. Things began to snowball."

Ideas and Inspirations

Jeff believes that it is essential to get to the very heart of a creative project. 

He adds:"I have always been fascinated by two areas of art: the implicit meaning, and the inspiration. I was inspired to paint a rain-soaked street by films I saw at the cinema.

"I am always inspired to experience what I am about to paint."