Known for her striking 3D sculptures, Joanne Panayi is inspired by the people around her.

History and Background

After working as a freelance artist in Cyprus, Joanne moved back to Britain in 2002 to complete a degree in 3D design craft at Staffordshire University. It was there that her multimedia creations began to take shape. 

Shortly afterwards, she embarked on her 'New Shoes' sculpture range, which won an award from the GWIIN (Global Women's Innovators and Inventors Network). This enabled her to begin the exciting journey of moving her sassy ladies from her work bench into the gallery. 

Ideas and Inspirations

Joanne loves to people-watch and takes much of her inspiration from those around her. She might spot a particular look, or a slight stance or movement that rouses her to pick up a pencil and document it. Her work is fuelled by emotion and relationships, and each piece has its own story.