After being gifted a set of oil paints as a child, John D Wilson fell in love with painting. He is now celebrated for his illusionary 3D wall sculptures.

History and Background

One Christmas at the age of 12, John was given a set of oil paints and an easel. Painting in oil opened up a whole new world of colour and texture to him and even now, 40 years later, he still uses the same easel. 

John was introduced to figure and pop art whilst attending a series of painting classes. In the mid-1990s, he began to take his art seriously and exhibited at local galleries. Over time, his style developed into the poignant wall sculptures he is known for today. 

Ideas and Inspirations

Inspired by the way that children perceive and interpret things in their everyday lives, John's unmistakable style also draws upon the words of Pablo Picasso. The artist once said that when he was a child, he could paint like an adult, but spent his whole adult life trying to paint like a child.

This gave John the idea to mix the inhibition-free style of children's art with the carefully-planned paintings of his adult self. 

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