Figurative artist Keith Maiden is driven by human emotion. His work encapsulates the vulnerability of life and society.

History and Background

Born in Wolverhampton, Keith Maiden turned down the opportunity to attend art college in favour of earning a living to help his parents.

Although he initially began his career as a shop fitter and factory worker, a chance visit to a local printer to photocopy his sketches led to him being offered a job as a graphic designer. Following this, he worked as a designer for international retail brands. 

A subsequent move from London to Shropshire saw Keith pick up a pencil and sketchpad for the first time in 20 years. He decided to sell his pieces at a local market, and word began to spread.

Today he is one of our most popular artists, with collectors across the UK. 

Ideas and Inspirations

Citing the Italian master Carvaggio amongst his major inspirations, Keith says he seeks to create art that is raw and unrefined.

The painter adds: "I am not after perfection: I paint from the heart, and strive for emotion and feeling in my work."

First, he creates the light areas using white acrylic, a brush, pallete knife and his fingers. The additional six or seven layers are then applied using graphite, acryclic, enamel and pastel. 

Keith's latest collection focuses on the subject of 'cupidity': the eager or excessive desire to possess something. He explains: "I think the whole story behind the painting asks a lot of questions about the world today, especially the life and society of our own country."