Figurative artist Kim ByungKwan wowed judges at our 2016 IN:SIGHT competition with his expressive, experimental pieces.

History and Background

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Kim studied art at Hansung University before establishing a career as an artist

Ideas and Inspirations

Kim's work seeks to disrupt everyday familiarity. He is renowned for breaking up his portrait and figurative paintings with scribbles and smears of paint – usually over the subjects’ faces.

For Kim, familiarity is a form of ‘habitual vision’, which creates comfort but also ultimately limits possibilities and closes the door to other opportunities.

He explains: “My work is trying to destroy, tear up and reconstruct habitual vision so that it can be extended to other images. The unfamiliar image I draw breaks up the way we usually see things.

"I think one of the important functions of art is to show a new vision to the world.”