Kirsty creates three-dimensional sculptural images with built in layers using textured fabrics, such as cow suede, wood veneers and collaged papers. Her work combines multiple disciplines, from portraiture and figure drawing, to painting, collage and printing.

History and Background

''I try to use many different techniques and processes within my work to keep in continuosly evolving. From portraiture and figure drawing, to painting, collage and printing. I have devised a style of wqork that allows mw to combine multiple disciplines. The most prevalent being the construction element which stems from beingbrought up in a very practical house hold and an early lintterest in power tools. Later in life I studied illustration and the drive to rebel against the computer- generating image took me back to working in three dimensions.''  

Ideas and Inspirations

Art from the beginnig of the 20th century has always been a staple for my inspiration, especially in how to constrrct images. Particualry the Cubists and their use of geometric planes; Tamsra de Lempicka and her description  of the figure in stylized voluptous forms. I love Art Nouveau-  the works of Alfons Mucha and Gustav Klimpt and their early experiments with graphic design meeting classical painting. I would say that these artists heavily influence my work.However, the 21st century and the rich variety of art- especially streetart is hugely influentual in a similar sense to the rule breaking period that Cubism started. The potically expressive and often contentious street-art scene depicts issues that cannot help but influence my work, as this is the world I  am living in, and therefore want to express myself within.

From Palette to Picture

The basis of the three dimensional structure is always constructed with layers of fibre board which are then covered with variuos media. Recently, I have been using leather and suede predominantly within my work, combined with acrylics and paper collage. Past projects I have used wood veneers, and rubber, I have even created an image from carpet. Potentially the possibilities are endless.