Louise Dear has exhibited extensively over the past decade. From London to New York and Sydney to L.A., she has also shown at the Royal Academy and sparked the interest of several major museums.

History and Background

Initially intending a career in fashion, Louise studied fashion design at Medway College of Art & Design. At the age of 21, she travelled around the world in a vintage pink ambulance named burtha, visiting Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia, where she settled for seven years working as an exhibition designer.

Ideas and Inspirations

In 1993, Dear returned to the United Kingdom for the birth of her daughter, who features in many of Louise's works. She attended University College Chichester and graduated in 1998 with a vivacious passion for the arts and her emerging distinctive style . Her works have been shown in museums, the Royal Academy, and in exhibitions in England, United States and Australia. Dear lives with her daughter, Lama-Sea Dear, in Totnes, Devon.

Artist Videos