Self-taught artist Malcolm Barrett creates striking resin sculptures that aim to make people smile. His heart-shaped pieces proved a hit with visitors to our 2016 Summer Exhibition and we are now proud to introduce him as one of our newest artists.

History and Background

Born in Chester and now living in Devon, Malcolm honed his skills through unconventional methods, originally training to repair car bodies as a professional panel beater and sprayer.

After this, he worked in a boatyard, becoming proficient in all aspects of fibreglassing and mould-making.

Experience gained during these two jobs helped Malcolm achieve his dream of becoming an artist.

Ideas and Inspirations

Malcolm's art journey evolved from his love for dolphins. So enamoured was he by the grace and beauty of this intelligent mammal that he felt the need to immortalise these qualities through the medium of sculpture.

After feeling that his first attempt didn’t do justice to his original concept, Malcolm worked tirelessly to perfect both his style and technique, during which time he fell in love with the process of sculpture-making.

He began to take inspiration from other artists, especially the American marine life painter and sculptor Wyland, who like Malcolm also had a penchant for painting dolphins.

From Palette to Picture

Malcolm uses car body filler, fibreglass and rubber moulds to create his uniquely smooth and tactile sculptures.

He says: “My journey into sculpture started many years ago. I was unaware at the time that the trade that I had decided to train in would lead me to the sculptures that I create today. I hope my artworks make people smile.”