Matthew had never studied art until he enrolled at The Royal College of Art, aged 28, to do an MA in Holography. As he does not come from an artistic family, it had never occurred to Mark that art might be an outlet for his imagination.

History and Background

Whilst travelling in Melbourne in his 20s, Matthew Andrews saw a hologram and it was a seminal moment in his artistic career. Although a keen amateur photographer, he knew in an instant that holography has something no other medium did; it could talk in visual ways about the same cutting edge ideas as the top quantum minds of our day.

Ideas and Inspirations

Not long after studying at the RCA, it became very expensive to get holographic materials. Lenticulars gave Matthew almost all the potentialities that holography gave him but without the dark room, chemicals, tedium and limited colour of holography. Matthew feels that Lenticulars set him free to experiment and explore his imagination without financial ruin. He explores 3D in new ways and develops a new language for creative thought with the opportunity to continue to mélange space and time to great effect.