A lifelong artist, Nick works as a painter and lecturer and has enjoyed exhibitions throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

History and Background

Since graduating in art and graphic design in 1979, Nick has worked full-time as a painter and lecturer. He has enjoyed commissions for a range of businesses and institutions, and has paintings in a range of public and private collections, from Llloyd’s Bank and Shell UK to the Houses of Parliament.

Ideas and Inspirations

Working from his studio in an old watermill on the River Wylye in South Wiltshire, Nick draws inspiration from his immediate landscape. He says: “I have spent much of the past two decades working from this beautiful area, with rivers, ponds, water-meadows and woodland close to where I live and work. 

I observe the changes from day to day and season to season. I find it constantly compelling and am attracted in particular by the abstract qualities in the landscape: patterns in the river flow, multi-layering and reflectivity; also the textures, contrasts and depths in the forest and the movement, rhythms and colours of field grasses and plant life. I would like to think that through my paintings I convey a sense of the movement, life and my own ‘solitary involvement’ with this landscape.”

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