Born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, artist Nick Potter showed a flair for drawing at a very early age, and sold his first painting to his headmistress for £10!

History and Background

Despite always having a passion for the arts, Nick initially embarked upon a very different career path. After studying archaeology at university, he went on to teach before taking a role within educational publishing. It wasn't until 2003 that he truly embraced his artistic talents and opened his own gallery with his partner, Natasha. Successful sales and a positive reaction to his work from customers gave him the courage to approach other galleries and, ultimately, fine art publishers Washington Green. 

Ideas and Inspirations

Nick is passionate about landscapes, saying: “It is so easy to take the landscape for granted, but open spaces are becoming more and more precious as man puts pressure on the earth's resources.” He draws inspiration from a range of landscapes, from the flatlands of Norfolk to the wild coasts of Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and Northumberland; but particularly the wild mountain landscapes found in Scotland and The Lake District. Each of the elements found in his work has a special significance to him, from the moon to the mountains.