After originally opting for a career in the aerospace industry, Paul Corfield decided to pursue his lifelong passion for art and is now one of the UK's most popular hyperrealistic artists.

History and Background

Born in Bournemouth in 1970, Paul Corfield has always lived within 10 miles of his birthplace. After leaving school, he was offered a place at art college, but instead opted for a career in the aerospace industry. 

For the next 13 years, he only painted in the evenings or at weekends. Despite this, he still became a very accomplished airbrush artist, selling paintings to notable collectors around the world. 

Then in 2002, Paul was offered the chance of voluntary redundancy. Defying the advice of many of his friends and family, he decided to take the opportunity to pursue his passion for art and began to paint full-time. 

After painting in a photorealistic style, Paul moved into hyperrealism. For this work, the painting concepts are first created using 3D computer modelling software before he recreates the image using oils. He also used this software for the landscape artworks he is known for today. 

Now he no longer uses the computer software for landscape work, instead choosing to sketch ideas straight from his imagination. 

Ideas and Inspirations

The beautiful Dorset landscape is a constant source of inspiration. Whenever possible, Paul takes the family to the countryside to explore nature, just like he did as a child. 

In the past, Paul's ideas were drawn from his childhood, along with the books and TV shows his own children devoured as they grew up. Now that his own children are teenagers, he says: "I've had many years to grow into this style, and I find that the ideas flow completely freely from within."