Paul was very young when he first started learning to draw, and some of his earliest childhood memories are of him sketching from life.

History and Background

Paul Corfield  was born in Bournemouth in 1970, and he has  lived within 10 miles of his birthplace all his life. After leaving school with an O-level grade B pass in art, he was offered a place at Art College, but ended up turning it down and opting for a career in the aerospace industry instead. For the next 13 years he only painted in the evenings or at weekends, but he still became a very accomplished airbrush artist, selling paintings to some notable collectors across the world.

Years later, in 2002, Paul was offered the chance of a voluntary redundancy, which he put his name forward for. Going against the advice of many of his friends and family, Paul decided to pursue his passion for the arts and began to paint full time.

He painted photorealism for a while before moving into hyperrealism, which he still continues to develop in his spare time. For his hyperrealism work the painting ideas are first created using 3D computer modelling software before he recreates them in oils. He also used this software to create the landscapes style artwork which is strongly associated with him today, and it is this software which inspired him to begin painting landscapes. He no longer uses computer software for the landscape work, the ideas are all built up first as pencil sketches from his imagination.

Ideas and Inspirations

The Dorset landscape is an area of great beauty and an obvious source of inspiration. Whenever possible, Paul will take the family off to the countryside to explore nature, as he did when he was a child. In 2013 they moved to a new house near Wimborne, Dorset, a semi rural area and within a very short drive they are into the open countryside that they love so much.

In the past, Paul’s ideas and inspiration were drawn from his own childhood and also watching his children as they were growing up. The books that they read and the TV shows that they watched when they were very young would often influence him quite a lot. Now that his own children are teenagers, he has found his influences have changed with the passing of time. He says: “I've had many years now to grow into this style that I paint in and I find that the ideas flow completely freely from within.”