Famed for his striking cityscapes, Paul Kenton effortlessly captures the hustle and bustle of city life in his exciting mixed media creations.

History and Background

While other children longed to be doctors or pilots, Paul told his friends that he wanted to become an artist. At the age of 12, he won a national colouring competition and was awarded a prized set of paints. Throughout school, he continued to hone his painting and drawing skills, becoming proficient in watercolour.

Although he missed out on a place at art college due to poor English grades, he was awarded a grant from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust in 1995.  This allowed him to start painting and exhibiting full-time. Working in acrylic and oils, he took inspiration from his worldwide travels, including cityscapes, cafés, bridges, harbours and seascapes.

When not painting, Paul is a keen surfer. As a teenager, he learned to surf on the wild beaches of North Devon. Now settled in Ilfracombe with his Brazilian partner Alexandra and two young daughters, Paul still enjoys riding the waves.

Ideas and Inspirations

Like the Impressionist painters before him, Paul tries to evoke moods and emotions with his colour, free shapes and dripped lines.

Citing Monet’s early works amongst his greatest influences, he goes to great lengths to accurately capture light in his work. Often he will paint similar scenes at different times of the day, from an early dawn across the Thames to a balmy Parisian dusk.

Paul’s technique is free and unplanned; he chooses to forego sketching and planning in favour of delving into the heart of the painting to relive his feelings and memories of the cityscape within.

Artist Videos