Successful realist painter Rob Hefferan is renowned for his glamorous, romantic works.

History and Background

Born in Cheshire in 1968, Rob has been creating art for as long as he can remember. Throughout his school days he drew and painted to the point of obsession, never stopping until he was happy with the finished piece. This work ethic continued during his time at art school, and still flourishes to this day.  

To bring in a steady income while developing his aesthetic and technique, Rob pursued a career in advertising from 1991 to 2003. During this time, he worked on many major campaigns for national and international brands such as the BBC, The National Lottery, BMW and Volkswagen. But his evenings and weekends were devoted to his art, and in 2003 Rob finally felt ready to share the gift he had so carefully nurtured. 

Following a debut show that sold out in just two hours, Rob's work has continued to evolve and now delights collectors around the world. 

Ideas and Inspirations

Rob's latest work is inspired by love and relationships. He explains: "The side we all want to shout about and the side we only whisper - love and hate, lust and desire - are both sides of the same coin."

As a way to free his mind and explore new ideas, Rob starts every morning with a 5am jog. "Some of my best ideas have come to me whilst out running," he says.