Popular artist Simon Claridge counts Hollywood A-listers among his collectors. But behind his dazzling artworks lies the hard work and determination that propelled him to success.

History and Background

After graduating with a degree in fine art, Simon began working at an art gallery in Windsor. Each night, he painted feverishly, consumed by the dream of one day having his own work hanging on the walls.

One morning, he mischievously replaced the window display with his own pieces. By lunchtime, he’d sold all of them and never had to work in a gallery again.

Over the years, Simon has garnered the attention of celebrities such as LA stylist Rachel Zoe and fashion designer Henry Holland. In addition, he has enjoyed commissions from companies including Alfa Romeo.

Ideas and Inspirations

Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, Simon’s work captures the female form in all its splendour. His portfolio showcases a selection of cultural icons from the worlds of fashion, modelling and music.

As a figurative artist, he has made it his raison d’être to capture the images that strike a chord with his wider audience. Each piece is meticulously considered and crafted to suspend time and evoke a "tangible feeling" from onlookers.

For his latest collection, Diamond Dust, Simon has taken iconic images from the hallowed archives of legendary English photographer Terry O’Neill and translated them into diamond dust silkscreen prints for the first time in history.

View the full body of work here.

From Palette to Picture

Relying largely on gut instinct, Simon begins by outlining his ideas in his sketchbook. Following this, he applies layer upon layer of paint to capture the colours and tones needed to truly reimagine his subject and bring them to life.

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