Meet the Artist | Stephen Simpson | Guildford

Stephen Simpson, Efflorescence

Contemporary artist Stephen Simpson will be visiting Castle Fine Art, Guildford on Saturday 17th February from 1-3pm to present his striking collection of art, entitled 'Efflorescence'.

Inspired by the elemental aspect of nature, and by using a truly unique method, Stephen Simpson’s expert use of heavy texture and high-gloss finish blurs the boundary between 2D and 3D sculpture, resulting in a collection of art which presents an almost ethereal depiction of light, colour and energy.

"Before creating this new body of work I knew I wanted it to be bold with colour but in keeping with my style, which has naturally developed over the last 5 years. It had to retain the illusion of light in each painting, giving movement and depth."  - Stephen Simpson

Boldly conceived and skilfully created, it is a collection of art that pays homage to the origins of Abstract Expressionism. His unconventional application of paint presents his audience with an unmatched floral composition, a theme that has recently become synonymous with Stephen's art. Every seemingly careless brushstroke has its part to play in the tapestry of work that results in this unparalleled collection, which exudes confidence and vivacity.

To register your interest or for more information please contact the team at Castle Fine Art, Guildford