Temper Returns With Timeless Collection

Timeless by Temper

Following a year that will be remembered for great loss, internationally renowned artist Temper returns for 2017 with Timeless: a body of work that celebrates cultural icons loved and lost. From Bob Marley to Pablo Picasso, Temper captures the essence of these much missed personalities through an intricate use of spray paint.

Celebrating 15 years since The Good Die Young collection took the art world by storm, Timeless pays homage to the concept of commemorative portraiture that first won Temper a global audience. 

“We could not let this anniversary pass without making available fifteen new originals to mark the occasion," says Creative Director of Washington Green Fine Art Group Ltd, Glyn Washington. "The work is spectacular, and I have every confidence that we will still be talking about this concept for years to come.”

Those with a keen eye may also remark that these pieces are on a smaller scale than their predecessors, which is a testament to Temper’s growth within his chosen medium. His ability to achieve detail and precision using spray paint that leaves the aerosol can at circa 130mph is remarkable. The ultimate taskmaster, Temper insists: "You need these challenges to keep evolving as an artist, and I believe that the Timeless collection embodies this.’’

This body of original work is supported by hand-signed limited edition publishing, available to buy now.

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